5+ hours

About the Course

Learning organic chemistry can be fun. This course will break down complicated chemical concepts for each learner. There are drawing questions that will highlight key areas for each student to practice. This course also includes video solutions for select questions that will enable the user to access a more in-depth knowledge of organic chemistry.

Organic Chemistry For All also has a 2d to 3d structure converter. This will enable the user to see reactions in a 3d format. There is also the R and S labeler (stereochemistry) that helps with identifying stereogenic centers. Build molecules and their stereoisomers to help visualize the 3d nature of molecules. This course also includes additional features such as music, games (memory games, drag and drops, platformer, and reagent games), interactive comics,  customized videos, animated videos, and the famed Fall Of The Reagents. With over 200 interactive activities you will be able to solve complex organic chemistry problems. If your looking to take notes or make flashcards the PDAFL system is great for saving images to use in laboratory reports and chemistry papers with your specifically drawn structures as well

If you would like to participate in a live session please contact us. Live sessions are on Friday 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM (Central Time). As well as Saturday 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM(Central Time). In the Organic Chemistry VIP course you can ask about organic chemistry related topics in the PDAFL system. You will need to join the organic chemistry VIP course to access live sessions. An open forum and direct messaging to an organic chemistry professional will be available.

Files & Resources

Browse all the links and downloads mentioned in the course. If you would like us to include any other resource, please let us know in the Community group.