About Me

Dr. J professional experience includes teaching at multiple colleges and has been teaching for over 10 years at the collegiate level.

As an Associate Professor he has experience teaching Intro to Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, General Chemistry I, General Chemistry II, Organic Chemistry I, Organic Chemistry II, and Academic CO-Ops.

My Past Experience

Dr. J also worked as a Biochemistry assistant while obtaining his certification in clinical chemistry from the ASCP during his graduate work.

Recently, Dr. J is working to develop a brewery program for local colleges and working with local breweries to establish internships. Dr. J is also working on multiple undergraduate research projects that include the development of organometallic complex synthesis in undergraduate labs, fluorescent probes, and synthesis of novel antibiotics for undergraduate research. Primarily focusing on enabling students to gather real world lab experience. When Dr. J is not developing apps, games, or labs for his students he practices jazz piano and enjoys hiking with friends and family in Virginia. He also likes to play the latest video games and attending concerts.



Fall of the Reagents Level 1

Learning organic chemistry can be fun. This is a game to help you learn a basic organic chemistry reaction using games. The game is called Fall of the Reagents.

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$ 1.00 USD

Introduction To Chemistry For All

Learn the basics of chemistry in this course.

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$ 125.00 USD

Organic Chemistry For All

This course includes fundamentals on lewis structures, hybridization, molecular geometry, naming, stereochemistry, reactions and so much more.

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$ 125.00 USD

Organic Chemistry VIP

This course allows users to gain access to live sessions through study groups and learn about organic chemistry.

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$ 250.00 USD


This is an awesome game that introduces basic organic chemistry reactions through games.

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  • Organic Synthesis
  • Organometallic Synthesis
  • Inorganic Synthesis
  • Microsoft Word
  • MicrosoftPowerPoint
  • Microsoft Excel
  • SPSS (educationalstatistical software) software
  • Unity Software
  • Unreal Engine
  • Adobe Cloud
  • Allegorithmic


I Failed Organic Chemistry. What should I do next?

How to get back in the game of passing organic chemistry.

Organic Chemistry

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