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PDAFL LLC was founded in 2020. We were interested in utilizing educational apps and interactive software to teach current and future students.

Our in-house development team develops 2d games, interactive comics, interactive videos, 2d to 3d molecule editors, and AR generated activities.

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Fall of the Reagents Level 1

Learning organic chemistry can be fun. This is a game to help you learn a basic organic chemistry reaction using games. The game is called Fall of the Reagents.

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$ 1.00 USD

Organic Chemisty For Everyone

Learning organic chemistry can be fun. This course will break down complicated chemical concepts for each learner. There are drawing questions that will highlight key areas for each student to practice. This course also includes video solutions for select questions that will enable the user to access a more in-depth knowledge of organic chemistry.

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$ 1.00 USD

Introduction To Chemistry For All

Learn the basics of chemistry in this course.

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$ 125.00 USD

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“PDAFL PRO Organic Chemistry For All really allows students to move at their own pace while having fun learning about chemistry.”

Dr. J
Chemistry Instructor
Our Courses

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Our Courses

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A guide into tackling organic chemistry. Looking for organic chemistry games check out the fall of the reagents. This organic chemistry game will break down complicated organic chemistry reactions. If your looking for a chemistry game or chemistry games check out PDAFL.

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I Failed Organic Chemistry. What should I do next?

How to get back in the game of passing organic chemistry.

Organic Chemistry

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