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Bodenstedt obtained his masters degree in chemistry with a focus on organic and analytical chemistry. Obtained a PhD in inorganic chemistry utilizing organic synthesis techniques while focusing on solar cells and Organic Light Emitting Diode materials and devices.

As a Teaching Associate and Researcher for the past 7years, he has experience in teaching laboratory courses for Intro to Chemistry, General Chemistry I, General Chemistry II, Chemistry for Non-Majors, and Inorganic Chemistry.

When Dr. Bodenstedt focuses on developing content for the company’s apps and games, he enjoy stable top and video games along with going to concerts with friends and family.

My Past Projects

  • Synthesis and Electron Transfer Studies of Supramolecular Triads
  • WVO as a Sustainable Source in the Development of Polyurethane Based Coatings


Organic Chemistry VIP (Friday)

This course gives the user access to live sessions and study groups to learn with organic chemistry professionals.

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$ 150.00 USD

Organic Chemistry VIP (Saturday)

This course will enable you to participate in live discussions and study groups with organic chemistry professionals.

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Lewis Structures

This course will give you practice with lewis structures.

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  • Organic Synthesis
  • Inorganic Synthesis
  • Class 100 Cleanroom Certification
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Adobe Cloud


How To Pass Organic Chemistry Easily!

Steps to passing organic chemistry

Organic Chemistry


A guide into tackling organic chemistry. Looking for organic chemistry games check out the fall of the reagents. This organic chemistry game will break down complicated organic chemistry reactions. If your looking for a chemistry game or chemistry games check out PDAFL.

Press Release

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Learn how an alkene reaction can undergo polymerization using a catalyst.

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Learn more about the process of combustion as it relates to redox reactions.

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Learn how pH factors into the quality of cheese and the pH scale.

Organic Chemistry

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